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Upcycled Wrought Iron Garden Floor Lamp

18 Jun

Unique, one of a kind wrought iron floor lamp. Made from a vintage patina’d wrought iron yard decoration. Piece was handmade to look like flowers. The stems are all wrought iron with petals and looks like the flowers were made from old wire wheels. Stem has a rusty colored finish with nice patina. We picked this up as a piece of garden or yard art a few years back at a yard sale, and recently decided that it would make a really cool floor lamp.

We picked up a very heavy brass base awhile back, welded the stem to a threaded coupling and used that to serve as the base. We used vintage reproduction brass colored industrial cage lights which flip open or closed and thought they were the perfect addition to continue the original maker’s flower theme, but add a nice industrial look. Sockets are black bakelite, with brass pull chains, so each bulb can be illuminated individually. All vintage black twisted cloth covered wire was used as well as a vintage reproduction plug. Three different styles of 40 watt vintage bulbs are used and included. Lamp stands 52″ tall. For sale in our Etsy shop.









Upcycled wrought iron garden floor lamp.

Floor lamp featuring vintage style cage lights and marconi bulbs

Vintage Mexican Saltillo Serape Wool Blanket

3 May

This is a smaller size antique wool Mexican saltillo that was made in the 1940s. It is what I would very good to excellent condition. Especially for it’s age.
Colors are very vibrant, there are no holes or stains and has fringe on both ends which is intact. This is a very nice piece – from what I’ve been told, it’s hard to find these with this much use of green, which could make this a very nice piece for a collector. While it has no stains whatsoever, it was a little dusty when I found it. I have not tried to clean at all, so it’s in the original condition as found.

This one is smaller in size 19″ x 39″, perfect for a wall hanging. Still feels very strong and durable. $72 in our Etsy Shop.


Antique White Treadle Sewing Machine

6 Feb

I went to the monthly flea market and antique show in our town on Saturday and picked up a few cool things. One of which was thing complete antique White sewing machine. I was drawn to it because obviously, our last name is White. I figured if nothing else, it would be a cool side table. Turns out it’s all complete and works, needs to have the belt replaced because it’s stretched and dry rotted, but with a few bucks and a little work, we can actually use it. I figured it was made around the teens, but from what I’ve found it was made between 1890-1900. I bought it for a song and met a really nice dude in the process, who I ended up buying quite a bit more from that day. Think we might have to hang on to this for awhile.

Small Vintage Factory Storage Bin

10 Nov

Small repurposed vintage industrial storage bin. This is a piece that was used in an old furniture factory in Portsmouth, VA. Wood construction with plexiglas front. It was wall mounted and used to store safety glasses. Will make a cool storage container for just about anything. Mail, bills, odd and ends. Green worn paint on plywood with nice patina. Lettering is original to the piece and stenciled on in a crude manner. Neat piece.

Size is: 7″w x 3″d x 11″ h.

$20 Here

Upcycled Milk Crate Wine Rack

9 Nov

We needed a new wine rack for the house. Not that we’re big wine aficionados, or anything. But I went out to the monthly flea market in Olde Towne Portsmouth and came across this old super heavy duty milk crate from a dairy in Maryland. I’m guessing 40s-50s era. Has galvanized metal racks inside, which I hadn’t see before. Picked up a set of brackets which I painted galvanized to match and hung it on the wall. Think it turned out pretty cool.

The Bargain Corner

19 Sep

We took a road trip to Roanoke this weekend and happened across what I’d consider the best antique shop I’ve found in Virginia. It’s called Bargain Corner Antiques, and I guess it’s technically in Disputanta, VA, on County Rd (Rt. 460) just east of the 295 interchange. This guy had at least one of everything you could ever want. I was a little hungover when we pulled in there and completely overwhelmed. I’ll be headed back real soon, when I put together a shopping list and have at least 2 or 3 hours to just wander around. Gas and oil stuff like you wouldn’t believe. The most extensive gas pump collection, including visible pumps that I’ve seen. Furniture, tools, antique machinery and lighting. Like I said – everything. Inside and outside. Run by the nicest dude ever and his prices are very reasonable which is refreshing. He’s been there for 30 years and it shows. Check it out if you’re up that way. He’s open weekends only.

We picked up a lot of blue insulators and a really cool old seed cabinet from a feed store. More on that stuff later. Here are a few pics of just some of his gas pumps.

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The Yard Sale Cowboy

31 Aug

Mixed Media “assemblage” if you will. Not really into fancy art terms — especially if they sound French, but that’s another story. This is a found object piece put together out of various yard sale finds. Centerpiece is a really cool 1950s tin toy gun. The kind that used to shoot sparks back in it’s glory days. Unfortunately, it was no longer functioning so mounted it to a piece of reclaimed tin ceiling tile which came out of an old building in Norfolk. Some one shot enamel paint to add some flair and contained all that past childhood energy in an old frame that was picked up somewhere along the way. Size is 9″ x 8″  –

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Sixty Five smackeroos. Available in our Etsy shop.


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