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Industrial Style Light fixture, 3 bulb, Upcycled Steel Fan Blades, Reclaimed Wood

14 Jun

I’ve had a couple of random old automotive fan blades laying around for awhile that I wanted to use for something, one day I came up with this…

Unique, one of a kind flush mount hanging light fixture. Industrial / Machine Age / Steampunk style for lack of better words. This is a one off piece, hand made using all reclaimed materials where possible.

Base and mounting strip is a piece of real reclaimed 2×4 stud in its original finish. There are three differently styled and sized fan blades. 2 are automotive fan blades and the small center blade is from a 1940s oscillating fan no longer in use. The blades have been lightly buffed and sanded to remove some rust, then clear coated to retain their patina. The blades are suspended by pieces of tubing, welded at the fan blade itself and on the opposite side of the wood to a piece of steel flat bar and is super sturdy. Vintage style black twisted cloth covered wire was used to wire the black bakelite sockets. To go along with the them of the 3 different blades, we used 3 different styles and sizes of antique reproduction 40w bulbs. All of which are very unique with different filaments and put out a nice vintage glow. Note that all wiring is brand new and UL approved.

The overall length of the piece is 48″ long and approximately 18″ at its widest point.

Currently for sale in our Etsy Shop.


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