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Repurposed Vintage Press Side Table – Industrial, Machine Age

30 Jan

I made this little side table from a turn of the century press of some sort. I picked this piece up awhile back that I dug out of the back of a shop. The owner had no idea exactly what it was used for, but it’s from the early 1900s and has a cool machine age look to it. The heavy wing nut style style knobs are threaded and spin up and down to tighten down on the steel cross bars. They flip out once loosened and the two top wooden strips are removable. This is the part that would tighten down to form the press. When I found this it had an old piece of floral colored paper between the wooden slats. You could actually put a piece of heavy fabric or pretty much anything between the press to personalize it.

The table has been left as is to keep the original patina. The metal has light surface rust, but it’s still fully functional. I added some early American style legs to it and it makes a pretty unique table.



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