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Rustic Pendant Lights for Kitchen, Dining Room

3 May

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Rustic hanging light fixture made from and old plowing yoke. The upcycled weather beaten wooden farm implement serves as the centerpiece. Well worn wood in original condition with original patina’d iron hardware. Pendant lights are vintage inspired brass cage lights. These are replicas of the old industrial work lights. The cages are hinged and can open or close to various positions. Lights are wired with new black sockets and black twisted cloth covered wire. Vintage style quad filament, Victorian style bulbs are included. 

Very unique piece and would make a perfect accent piece for over a distressed farm table in the dining room, kitchen island, over the sink, you name it. 

Dimensions: 34″ long x 6″ wide (wire shades are 12″ in diameter)

Includes approximately 24″ of wire, suspends from ceiling and mounts with standard canopy (included with all hardware). 


Available in our Etsy shop.

Primitive, Rustic Metal Swag Lamp

6 Nov

Primitive, Rustic metal hanging swag lamp.
This lamp is made from a repurposed flour sifter from an old hoosier cabinet. Finish is a greyish-white with some rust and plenty of patina. Three of the four sides have multiple holes drilled to allow light to shine though. This lamp doesn’t put out a ton of light, it’s designed to be an accent piece. Top is secured with two set screws, and removes to gain access to the bulb. Takes a narrow bulb with a standard light bulb base. Includes 12′ of cord, with plug and inline switch.

10″w x 10″deep x 19″h

Available in our Etsy shop.

Vintage Inspired Umbrella Print Swag Lamp

30 Jan

This is one of our chicken wire swag lamps all dressed up.

The shade is all hand made from formed chicken wire and then covered in a very colorful and cool vintage umbrella print fabric. The fabric overlay was attached with Mod Podge, so it has a rigid, papier mache like texture with multiple layers. The lamp comes with 12ft of vintage cloth covered silver wire with an inline switch and plugs directly into the wall. Very cool accent lamp and you definitely won’t see another.

Dimensions: 12″ h x 7″w

Available now in our Etsy shop

Repurposed Glass Insulator Pendant Lights

30 Nov

Set of 5 pendant lights made using repurposed glass insulators and a piece of recycled exotic hardwood.

Center pendant uses a large clear glass Hemingray insulator, surround by 4 small blue Brookfield glass insulators. All are from the late 1800s-early 1900s. The wooden base is salvaged from an old pier plank used at one of the Navy yards here in Portsmouth, VA. It was actually planed down by my dad over 30 years ago from a huge plank that was about a foot thick. This piece was used as a mantel piece for 20 some years, then as an outdoor bar and then cut down – the rest becoming a coffee table among other things. The wood has been lightly sanded, stained and sealed with tung oil finish and still retains it’s weathered look. Vintage black twisted cloth covered wire was then used to electrify everything as well as brand new candelabra bases. To clean things up, the wires slide through brass flanges and through the wood.

These will take any candelabra based bulb and there are many different styles available.

This piece can be suspended from the ceiling, or flush mounted as seen here. It comes with two brass lag bolts so it can be mounted securely to the ceiling rafters and will cover your existing box.

Wood base is 12″ x 10″ SOLD

Vintage Brass Pendant with exposed bulb / upcycled

16 Nov

Simple vintage brass upcycled pendant light. Made pieces of a reclaimed wall sconce from the early 1900s. Brass canopy which has plenty of nice orginal patina which has turned a greenish hue with age. Originally a wall mounted piece, the bell shaped is now used for the shade. All new wiring with a white porcelain socket. Standard size ceiling canopy and is designed to be hardwired into an existing ceiling box. Includes Marconi style squirrel cage bulb. sold

Repurposed Hemingray Insulator Pendant Lights

2 Nov

Pendant light comprised of three hanging repurposed Hemingray clear and blue glass insulators from the early 1900s. These are hung in ascending order, in a cluster pattern, but can be adjusted to hang however you like. They come with approximately 40″ of wire, to be cut to desired length. Designed to be hardwired into a ceiling box, a reclaimed brass nipple designed ceiling plate is included for installation. This pendant is one of a kind and uses all reclaimed materials, with the exception of new wire and new sockets. Designed to take standard candelabra base light bulbs.  $165 in our Etsy shop or local pickup.

Swag Light – Repurposed Chicken Wire

11 Oct

Swag Light. Chicken wire shade with switched socket, reproduction Edison style Squirrel cage bulb and 12 ft. cord. Approx. 10″ high x 7″ wide. Each one is made to order. Custom sizes available. Price break on multiple orders.
$55 in our Etsy shop.

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