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Primitive Wooden Tool Cabinet

23 May

Primitive Tool Cabinet, Distressed red finish with white diamond panels

Handmade primitive wooden storage cabinet. This could be used to store literally anything, but it was originally used as a tool cabinet. This piece was handmade sometime in the 50s-60s and was picked up a while back at an estate sale. Nice and solid, but pretty lightweight. Dark wood interior with a dark brick red distressed finish with white diamond graphics on the doors. Features brass hinges and door handles and slanted front. Interior has a small drawer with dividers and a small removable tray with dividers. Will make a nice storage or display piece for your garage, man cave or bar. Could even be a cool liquor or dart board cabinet.

Dimensions: 25″h x 29″w x 11″d

For Sale in our Etsy shop. $125 + shipping

Repurposed Cabinet

12 Jul

For months now, we’ve been searching high and low for a real simple buffet or sideboard to use to house our electronic junk in the living room. Still no luck. So we’ve had revolving door policy going for months now as far as having something for a television stand. Lost the huge armoire we’d used for years and temporarily used this early dresser we refinished until it sold. We freaked for a minute because we didn’t have anything to replace it with, but we lucked out. It was Saturday morning, so I hopped in the truck and took a ride around Port Norfolk – this historic section near our house and came across this cabinet at a church yard sale. It had been used to store books in the church’s school for years and years. Super cheap. It would work out great. I’d never seen one of these before, but it was built in the 1920s or 30s and a lot of the houses in the neighborhood used these as storage on their back porches. There’s no bottom and they were used to cover and lock up the gas meters, as well as provide storage.

Here’s a before and after. Sanded it down and refinished in Antique Jade stain and ebony stain on top. Couple coats of wax, new handles and that’s that. This one isn’t for sale, yet. And lucky for us, we don’t buy anything we wouldn’t actually keep for ourselves. That’s the cool thing about doing this type of work. We get to change things up all the time, so things never get old.




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