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New Window Coffee Table

30 Jan

We’re trying to ensure that each one of these tables is unique and one of a kind. We’ve been getting quite a few requests for these, and the last thing we want to do is bore everyone and ourselves. This one is kinda fancy. The White Diamond. Probably could’ve come up with a better name, but I’m exhausted…Here are the details.

Coffee table made from a pretty rare window with diamond shaped panes which opens up for storage. Each one of these tables is one of a kind. The table itself is made from new 2″ x 6″ studs. Interior shelf is made of rough cut 1″x4″ and 1″x2″ cedar board in contrasting shades to add interest. All reclaimed hardware is used whenever possible, with the exception of new sash locks on both sides. This one features a vintage crystal door knob to make it super classy!

34″l x 18″w x 15″h



Recycled Pier Plank Coffee Table

14 Jun

Just did this small coffee table out of a piece of repurposed wood my dad picked up in the late 70s. He was working at Norfolk Naval Shipyard at the time and picked up this huge piece of some kind of exotic hardwood that was part of a pier that was being torn up. It was about a foot thick at the time. He spent a few hours planing it down and getting it square and brought it home to the house they building. Used it for a mantle piece for 20 some years. He gave it to me and we built a little outdoor bar and used this for the surface. Now, in it’s fourth stage of life, I decided to cut it down and make a super simple 3′ coffee table out of it. Cut off a couple blocks for feet and used some 1/2″ aluminum round stock for legs.


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