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Primitive Rustic Table / Reclaimed Wood & Cast Iron

30 Nov

Here’s a new table I recently finished. One of a kind primitive, rustic table. Made from reclaimed wood which has been lightly sanded, stained and hand waxed. Table legs are repurposed cast iron sewing machine legs with small wheels which make it easy to move around. Patina’d finish, with elaborate design and “Standard” logo built into the casting. Lower shelf was made using the same material. Wood is salvaged, solid and 2 inches thick.

This table could serve a variety of purposes. It’s the perfect size for a small kitchen island, bistro table, computer desk, foyer table, or television stand.

Table ships unassembled, but it’s very simple to put together. 4 carriage bolts re-install with simple tools and shelf attaches with 4 phillips head screws. Assembles in minutes.

31.5″ High x 36″ Long x 19″ Deep

Available in our Etsy shop.


Rustic Coffee Table, Factory Cart Inspired with Reclaimed Barn Board

10 Feb

Here’s a pretty unique coffee table we just finished, inspired by the industrial factory carts that have become so popular recently. I’ve had some ideas for doing one of these, but as with all of our tables, I find a piece here and there and then pretty much let the table design itself. The wheels are about 18″ in diameter and were a cool flea market find. Some old steel wagon wheels with lots of nice patina. The base of the table was made with new wood and stained with a Kona stain and finished in tung oil finish. The top surface is all reclaimed barn boards that I salvaged from an old horse stable recently torn down. The table is pretty heavy duty. I used a piece of 1″ black iron pipe to make the axle and capped it at each end. One end is welded on, the other screws off so the wheels are removable to make it easier to put away if need be. The front legs are made from 1/2″ square tubing and the corners were finished off with 1″ angle iron, which will get some nice patina over time or can stay shiny if you want to spray some clear coat to protect the finish.

Dimensions: 42″ long, 18″ wide, and approx. 18″ highreclaimed barn board table

Available now in our Etsy shop. $250

Rustic / Modern Coffee Table with barn board & explosion proof glass!

6 Feb

I’ve been thinking about this one for months now. Some time ago, I was picking through this huge old furniture factory in downtown Portsmouth, huge like 70,000 sq ft building, and came across 4 cool pieces of glass leaned up against a wall. Halfway covered by some old doors and other junk. I pulled one out and asked about the origin. It was a piece of an old factory paint booth from the 1930s. The guy had actually dismantled the paint booth years ago and kept four of the windows. They’re in a galvanized steel frame, thick chicken wire explosion proof glass. I thought they were cool, but wasn’t sure what I’d do with them. So I only took one. It had a thick rubber seal on the good side, which took forever to scrape off. I then took my grinder and a flap disc and it cleaned up real nice. I did some lettering on that one and hung it up on the wall in our living room. Looks like a window sign from an old store or something.

Anyway, I finally made it back over there and picked up another piece and thought it would be the perfect size for a long, low profile coffee table. Like the stuff you see at Restoration Hardware for $1000. I got a lead on an old barn that was just torn down and thought if that panned out, some barn board would be a nice base for this table. I managed to get the wood, really just enough for this table. The base is made entirely of reclaimed barn board. The outside framework is made from 2x4s, the bottom is made from slats of rough cut barn board. Reclaimed hinges, the knob on the door is off an old metal industrial age dresser. The glass is in a galvanized steel frame, super thick and I’d say nearly unbreakable. The only new pieces are the legs. All the wood was stained with a dark kona stain. I just finished this up, but as soon as all the stain soaks in, it’s going to be finished in tung oil finish to give it just a little bit of sheen and seal the wood. Not really sure what to call the style, but it’s got a pretty low profile, modern design with a rustic look. Would look great in a farm house or loft apartment.

This table is actually pretty versatile, you can unscrew the legs and it could be mounted to the wall to use as a cabinet. Add some shelves and boom.

Dimensions: 54″ long x 15″ deep x 11″ high

This will be available in our Etsy shop or for local pickup. $525

I’d LOVE to sell this locally and can offer a nice discount if I don’t have to pack and ship it!

Rustic Coffee Table with Modern Design


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