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Repurposed Antique Seed Cabinet

23 Sep

This is one of the pieces we found in one of the out buildings at the Bargain Corner last week. One of those things we’ve been wanting for awhile that you don’t see very often. Antique 16 drawer seed cabinet that came out of a feed or general store. Was actually a counter top cabinet. We added some sturdy legs to it and plan to use it as a hutch. We have been trying to find something unique to serve as a television/entertainment stand for awhile and we think this will be perfect.

When we spotted this it appeared that it had a few broken drawers and was filthy – it was definitely filthy. We brought it home and cleaned a ton of seeds and other crap out of it, sanded it, painted it and added some dished handles. Turned out pretty nice we think. Currently NFS.

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