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Vintage Repurposed TV Table

6 Jun

We recently came across this vintage 1949 TeleKing tv set at a yard sale. Aside from the fact that this thing was a completely useless piece of technology by today’s standards, I had to have it. Talked with the owner, went back and forth on the price and eventually stuck a deal. The guy’s father in law was a TV repair man from New Jersey, he passed away a couple years back and he ended up with this old TV as well as tv repairman’s kit -  which we also scored. Anyway, back to the TV. I couldn’t justify having a paper weight this large to sit around the house, so I tried to figure out what I could do with it. Due to the fact that analog tvs are now virtually unusable, I decide to gut the tv and repurpose it as an end table with storage. Kept the cabinet and knobs intact, added some legs, as this was a table top model and I think it turned into a pretty cool table. You definitely won’t find another one like this. SOLD


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