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Vintage Hair Dryers – 1950s

7 Mar

DSCN1863 DSCN1867 DSCN1869

Vintage Handy Hannah hair dryers from the 1950’s ( or late 1940″s ). The both have an ON-OFF switch, a HOT AND COLD switch, and a SMALL SLIDE ADJUSTMENT for INCREASING OR DECREASING the amount of heat desired.

One chrome finish and one light blue with a WOODEN handle. MANUFACTURED BY The Standard Product Corp. of WHITMAN, MASS.

Hair Dryers both work on all settings and are fully functional, but would also make a great decorator piece for your powder room, salon, etc.

Both available in our Etsy Shop.

Vintage Art Deco Styled Barbershop Cabinet

5 Mar

IMG_3564 IMG_3565

Vintage art deco styled barbershop antiseptic sterilizer storage cabinet made by the Paidar company, from somewhere between the 1920s-40s. Table or countertop cabinet, designed to store barbering supplies.

This is a very cool and unique piece, picked up from a local collection in Virginia. I have searched and searched online and have been unable to find another one like it.

This cabinet will make a perfect addition and storage piece for nearly any room in your house. Perfect storage for your vintage bathroom, great for additional storage on top of a dresser or in the living room. Not to mention a great piece for any vintage inspired barbershop.

The original finish was kept to preserve the nice well worn patina. Main cabinet is a light honey-colored finish, top is in original black paint. Nice brass original hinges, original pulls and glass are all intact and in perfect working order. Maltese cross and lettering on the glass are what we really make the piece standout.

Size: 28″w x 10″deep x 8.5″h

Currently available for purchase in our Etsy shop. Click here.

About the Manufacturer:
The Emil J. Paidar Company has been making barber chairs since the 1900’s. The Chicago-based company is one of two major domestic barber supply manufacturers in the United States during that time period. The other one is Koken Barber’s Supply Company with headquarters in St. Louis Missouri. Paidar provided a bunch of other barber supplies as well, including barber poles, mirror cases, wall fixtures, work cabinets, manicure tables, shoe shining stands and coat racks.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7466692

Vintage Gooseneck Desk Lamp Brass Base Green Porcelain Enamel Shade

24 Jul

Vintage gooseneck desk lamp with a brass base, flexible brass neck and vintage green and white porcelain enamel shade.

This is a very rare and desirable lamp. It has been rewired with a black fabric covered cord, new vintage style plug but uses the original brass socket and paddle switch which are in perfect working condition .

Base is 6″, height is adjustable 14″ high over 20″ fully extended
Shade is 7″ in diameter x 5″ deep.

Available now in our Etsy shop.

Vintage Metal Westinghouse Fan

9 Aug

Vintage Art Deco style Westinghouse fan. Metal blades, body and arm with brown bakelite base. Single speed, oscillating fan. Works great. 15″ h x 10″ w. This fan is barn fresh, with nice patina, cleaned up nicely. Very nice compact fan that packs a big punch. SOLD

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Vintage Esquire Collection

1 Apr

Rediscovered these, which I forgot I had. 20 or so Esquire magazines ranging from 1940-42. Varga pinups intact, the whole nine. I entertained the idea of selling some of these but can’t bring myself to do it.

My grandfather was an electrician, as is my dad. My dad was helping him on a house back in the 60s and he found this box of Esquires in the attic of an unoccupied house and brought them home. Then they moved to Panama for a year where my grandfather worked at the canal and dad hid these in the attic of their house while they were gone. Fast forward to probably 5 years ago, they were rediscovered. I was stoked when my Pop Pop showed me the collection. I’ve always had an appreciation for this stuff and asked if I could hold on to them. He would only give me one! Anyway, he passed away last June and I ended up with the collection. They’ve been in my attic. In the box. Probably where they’ll stay. Not for sale.

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1930s-40s Armoire Recently Found

8 Dec

Now this one may or may not end up being for sale, but thought we’d share it anyway. Scored this piece at one of the weekly sales at Nellie’s on 58 in Suffolk.


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