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Reclaimed Stuff in Use

17 Nov

Here’s a few things we’ve been working on in our own house. We’ve been on a mission the last year or so to rid our home of all the store bought, cheaply made furniture that we’d accumulated over the years. The stuff you paid too much money for that you thought was nice at the time. We’re getting there. You may remember the antique seed cabinet we picked up a few months ago. That become our “entertainment center” so to speak. Right now we had just enough space in the 16 to drawers to hold our movies. Not ideal, but at least they’re hidden. Over the tv is a piece of explosion proof chicken wire glass in a galvanized frame from a 1930s era paint booth. It still needs a little something, so I’m going to do some lettering on there with some One Shot soon.

We also picked up this shelf/mantle piece from the Bargain Corner recently. I found it in the back storage building that hadn’t been opened in a coon’s age. It was really rough, so we got a great deal on it. Had the original glass mirror but was in bad shape. We repainted this and Jessica wanted to do a mosaic with cracked mirror, so we did that with some (hard to tell) seafoam colored grout.

Upcycled Milk Crate Wine Rack

9 Nov

We needed a new wine rack for the house. Not that we’re big wine aficionados, or anything. But I went out to the monthly flea market in Olde Towne Portsmouth and came across this old super heavy duty milk crate from a dairy in Maryland. I’m guessing 40s-50s era. Has galvanized metal racks inside, which I hadn’t see before. Picked up a set of brackets which I painted galvanized to match and hung it on the wall. Think it turned out pretty cool.

Pendant Lights / Repurposed Wood & Glass Insulators

4 Oct

Another set of pendant lights made of repurposed materials. We were given this primitive press of unknown origin about a year ago. It was a cool piece, but for the life of me, couldn’t find a use for it. It was probably a hundred years old, rough hewn legs and surface, and it had threaded wooden dowels and wing type handles. Very interesting but it’s footprint was too wide to use as any kind of side table, so we pushed it to the side until now. I was looking for a nice piece of antiqued hardwood to serve as a hanging structure for some pendant lights. I decided I’d put that thing to use finally. I tapped the legs out and removed those. Trimmed the dowels down so they weren’t so obtrusive. Drilled four holes through the wood to run the wiring for the insulator pendants and used some bronze flanges as inserts to class it up a bit. A couple pieces of 1/8″ x 3/4″ steel flat bar were added to accent the wood which was stained with a Kona stain and finished off with tung oil finish.

In these pics, it’s wired up to a lamp cord and hung for demonstration only. It’s designed to mount flush to the ceiling, or can be suspended from hooks as shown here. I’m in the process of building a short valance to cover the wiring above so it won’t be visible if hung. This is a one of a kind piece and would look great over a sink, island or bar.


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Oh, that 54 GMC project?

23 Sep

Yeah, this thing has been way more work than I was anticipating. Swapping a later model 235 engine into an early GMC was not an easy thing to do. Cutting out the firewall, boxing in the frame and then building a custom crossmember from scratch. Well that’s finally done. Our good friend Brett built me a very well engineered crossmember for this thing which we got tacked in the other night. Motor is now in place and ready for final installation. Sort out my driveshaft situation and at least the drive train will be squared away. Then it’s on to the “minor” things.


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19th Century Repurposed Insulator Lights

20 Sep

The next lighting project in the works will utilize some of these blue Brookfield insulators from the late 1800s. I picked up about 25 or so this weekend, in varying condition. We have a 5 light pendant design in progress right now using these and some recycled truck leaf springs. Should turn out pretty cool. Be sure to check back. Should have it done soon.

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Zenith 6-S-254

14 Sep

Zenith Tube Radio

We just rescued this 1938 Zenith console radio recently with plans to do a light restoration on it. The cabinet is in solid shape but has some worn areas and scratches. The fabric on the grill will be replaced as well with original materials if I can find them.

Here’s an full description taken from

This is a six-tube 3-waveband receiver from 1938, featuring Zenith’s tear-drop shaped dial escutcheon that made it’s appearance for this season only. Also making its debut this year was the famous shutter or “robot” dial, which this model, unlike most of those having 7 tubes and above, does not use. The appealing waterfall-type cabinet would appear to be a progression (simplification?) of the previous season’s model 8-S-154 and the same cab was used for model 6-S-362 the following season.

In addition to the above, the radio features a 5-point tone control, bass compensation, spinner tuning, split second station re-location & “tell-tale” controls. The original selling price was $69.95. As Zeniths go, this is considered a fairly common model but is nevertheless highly collectible.

Mini Bathtubs – where are they now?

12 Jul

Awhile back we picked up this mini bathtub for little German babies. Just thought it was really cool but not completely sure what we were gonna do with it. Decided to repurpose it as an herb garden, plus one tomato plant. That’s about all we can handle right now as far as gardens are concerned…It’s working out pretty well so far…



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