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Repurposed Glass Insulator Pendant Lights

28 Sep

This is the first of the pendant lights we’ll be designing with the Brookfield glass telegraph insulators we picked up a few weeks ago…

Pendant light made with repurposed glass telegraph insulators, circa 1880s. 5 pendants which take various bulbs with a candelabra base. Suspended on steel patina’d leaf spring parts off a 1950s pickup.

Total length is 28″ W
Total height is 16″

One of a kind. SOLD!

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Rustic Chandelier, Repurposed Lighting

24 Sep

Rustic Chandelier.
Made with all recycled and vintage materials. 3 tiers made from recycled whiskey barrel rings. Manila sisal rope holds the tiers together. 9 porcelain light sockets, which accept medium base bulbs. Height is adjust to desired height and hangs from a recycled heavy farm pulley. Wired using vintage brown cloth covered twisted wire. New Edison-style “squirrel cage” bulbs complete the piece and add a warm vintage glow.

Restoration Hardware-esque style without the price – and using all recycled materials. Will make a great statement in a foyer, farm kitchen or dining room.

Size: Height of actual chandelier is 26″
Circumference: 26″
Pulley Height from hook to bottom: 12″
Hanging Height is adjustable utilizing the pulley, and tie off to desired height.


For Sale in our Etsy shop or for local pickup.

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Oh, that 54 GMC project?

23 Sep

Yeah, this thing has been way more work than I was anticipating. Swapping a later model 235 engine into an early GMC was not an easy thing to do. Cutting out the firewall, boxing in the frame and then building a custom crossmember from scratch. Well that’s finally done. Our good friend Brett built me a very well engineered crossmember for this thing which we got tacked in the other night. Motor is now in place and ready for final installation. Sort out my driveshaft situation and at least the drive train will be squared away. Then it’s on to the “minor” things.


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Repurposed Antique Seed Cabinet

23 Sep

This is one of the pieces we found in one of the out buildings at the Bargain Corner last week. One of those things we’ve been wanting for awhile that you don’t see very often. Antique 16 drawer seed cabinet that came out of a feed or general store. Was actually a counter top cabinet. We added some sturdy legs to it and plan to use it as a hutch. We have been trying to find something unique to serve as a television/entertainment stand for awhile and we think this will be perfect.

When we spotted this it appeared that it had a few broken drawers and was filthy – it was definitely filthy. We brought it home and cleaned a ton of seeds and other crap out of it, sanded it, painted it and added some dished handles. Turned out pretty nice we think. Currently NFS.

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19th Century Repurposed Insulator Lights

20 Sep

The next lighting project in the works will utilize some of these blue Brookfield insulators from the late 1800s. I picked up about 25 or so this weekend, in varying condition. We have a 5 light pendant design in progress right now using these and some recycled truck leaf springs. Should turn out pretty cool. Be sure to check back. Should have it done soon.

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Repurposed Primitive Lighting ~ Teaser ~

19 Sep

I’ve been working on this piece for a while now. Tweaking it and redesigning as I go…It’s almost finished. Here are a couple teaser pics…

Repurposed Recycled Lighting

The Bargain Corner

19 Sep

We took a road trip to Roanoke this weekend and happened across what I’d consider the best antique shop I’ve found in Virginia. It’s called Bargain Corner Antiques, and I guess it’s technically in Disputanta, VA, on County Rd (Rt. 460) just east of the 295 interchange. This guy had at least one of everything you could ever want. I was a little hungover when we pulled in there and completely overwhelmed. I’ll be headed back real soon, when I put together a shopping list and have at least 2 or 3 hours to just wander around. Gas and oil stuff like you wouldn’t believe. The most extensive gas pump collection, including visible pumps that I’ve seen. Furniture, tools, antique machinery and lighting. Like I said – everything. Inside and outside. Run by the nicest dude ever and his prices are very reasonable which is refreshing. He’s been there for 30 years and it shows. Check it out if you’re up that way. He’s open weekends only.

We picked up a lot of blue insulators and a really cool old seed cabinet from a feed store. More on that stuff later. Here are a few pics of just some of his gas pumps.

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