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Recycled Pier Plank Coffee Table

14 Jun

Just did this small coffee table out of a piece of repurposed wood my dad picked up in the late 70s. He was working at Norfolk Naval Shipyard at the time and picked up this huge piece of some kind of exotic hardwood that was part of a pier that was being torn up. It was about a foot thick at the time. He spent a few hours planing it down and getting it square and brought it home to the house they building. Used it for a mantle piece for 20 some years. He gave it to me and we built a little outdoor bar and used this for the surface. Now, in it’s fourth stage of life, I decided to cut it down and make a super simple 3′ coffee table out of it. Cut off a couple blocks for feet and used some 1/2″ aluminum round stock for legs.

Vintage 45rpm Record carrying cases

8 Jun

Two really cool 45 record carrying cases. Guessing early 60s. Both are in very good condition, hard cardboard with clear plastic handles and metal hardware. Hinges work and are intact. The green one has dividers in it and comes with a sweet Peter Paul and Mary jam to go with it! $7 each.

Vintage Street Chopper & Choppers Magazines

8 Jun

We have a lot of ten vintage Street Chopper and Chopper magazines up for sale. $10 each for the pristine ones, $5 for the ones that are a little tattered. $60 for all ten. Most from 1972-74 and are sick. Email us if interested.   SOLD

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7 Jun

Some images of the things we’ve seen lately while out digging around, both locally and abroad.

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Vintage 50s Reading Light

6 Jun

This is a really cool little vintage reading lamp. Designed to hang on a headboard for some night time reading. Brass colored ribbed shade. Turquoise acrylic ends with switch. Works great and very unique. Approximately 8″ long. Sold

Vintage Black & Decker Shop Sign

6 Jun

Heavy cardboard shop sign. Shows drill and tap sizes for standard and metric applications. Dealer sign from a Richmond, VA shop. Estimated age is from the late 50s – early 60s. Size is 18″x26″  Sold

Vintage Repurposed TV Table

6 Jun

We recently came across this vintage 1949 TeleKing tv set at a yard sale. Aside from the fact that this thing was a completely useless piece of technology by today’s standards, I had to have it. Talked with the owner, went back and forth on the price and eventually stuck a deal. The guy’s father in law was a TV repair man from New Jersey, he passed away a couple years back and he ended up with this old TV as well as tv repairman’s kit –  which we also scored. Anyway, back to the TV. I couldn’t justify having a paper weight this large to sit around the house, so I tried to figure out what I could do with it. Due to the fact that analog tvs are now virtually unusable, I decide to gut the tv and repurpose it as an end table with storage. Kept the cabinet and knobs intact, added some legs, as this was a table top model and I think it turned into a pretty cool table. You definitely won’t find another one like this. SOLD


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