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Antique Wrought Iron Pot Rack

27 Apr

Antique wrought iron hanging pot rack. Very ornate and super cool. Perfect addition to your farmhouse or shabby chic kitchen. It’s in excellent barn fresh condition. Weathered and full of patina. Looks perfect as is, but can definitely be cleaned up and painted if desired. This is from the personal stash, but we don’t have room for it in our current house. SOLD!

Our Lady of Guadalupe

18 Apr

Vintage ceramic Our Lady of Guadalupe figure. Not sure the exact age, but some inscribed the bottom with a date of 1957. Pretty nice shape. Nice accent piece. Off white color, distressed, shabby chic. $18. Available in our Etsy shop.
Ceramic vintage figure

Wanted: Antique Buffet, Distressed or Otherwise

6 Apr

We are looking for an antique buffet, either with doors or plenty of drawers for storage. Doesn’t necessarily need to be distressed, we can handle that. Victorian, craftsman, etc. Not really picky. Needs to be no longer than 54″ or so. Here are some samples of what we’re looking for. If you have or see anything, shoot us an email and let us know. [email protected] or [email protected]


1930s Brass Blade Fan For Sale

5 Apr

We have another cool brass blade fan for sale. Manufacturer on this one is Graybar. Pretty much the same style and design as the GE fans of this era. First Graybar fan I’ve seen. When we found this one, we didn’t even know what we had. Out of the 5 old fans I found recently, this is the only one we had left. I decided to finally give it a good cleaning and under the silver rattle can paint job, I realized this jewel was brass. So a few hours and a ton of elbow grease later, here’s where we are.


It’s got power and the motor hums, but the blades aren’t turning. As is, the price is $100. I’m going to take it apart and have a look at the brushes and motor and hopefully get it running. Now’s the time to get it cheap!

Antique & Flea Market Olde Towne Portsmouth

1 Apr

We’re getting ready and pulling stuff out of the woodwork for the antique and flea market in Olde Towne Portsmouth this Saturday, April 2. ┬áIn addition to all the vintage clothing and furniture, we’ll have quite a bit of folk art, some cool silk screen old country posters from Hatch Show Print in Nashville, vintage Patsy Cline concert poster, WWII Eastern European propaganda poster, old books dating back to the early 1900s, Ansil Adams photography books and much more. The Hank and Johnny posters are sold.

Vintage Esquire Collection

1 Apr

Rediscovered these, which I forgot I had. 20 or so Esquire magazines ranging from 1940-42. Varga pinups intact, the whole nine. I entertained the idea of selling some of these but can’t bring myself to do it.

My grandfather was an electrician, as is my dad. My dad was helping him on a house back in the 60s and he found this box of Esquires in the attic of an unoccupied house and brought them home. Then they moved to Panama for a year where my grandfather worked at the canal and dad hid these in the attic of their house while they were gone. Fast forward to probably 5 years ago, they were rediscovered. I was stoked when my Pop Pop showed me the collection. I’ve always had an appreciation for this stuff and asked if I could hold on to them. He would only give me one! Anyway, he passed away last June and I ended up with the collection. They’ve been in my attic. In the box. Probably where they’ll stay. Not for sale.

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