Vintage Esquire Collection

1 Apr

Rediscovered these, which I forgot I had. 20 or so Esquire magazines ranging from 1940-42. Varga pinups intact, the whole nine. I entertained the idea of selling some of these but can’t bring myself to do it.

My grandfather was an electrician, as is my dad. My dad was helping him on a house back in the 60s and he found this box of Esquires in the attic of an unoccupied house and brought them home. Then they moved to Panama for a year where my grandfather worked at the canal and dad hid these in the attic of their house while they were gone. Fast forward to probably 5 years ago, they were rediscovered. I was stoked when my Pop Pop showed me the collection. I’ve always had an appreciation for this stuff and asked if I could hold on to them. He would only give me one! Anyway, he passed away last June and I ended up with the collection. They’ve been in my attic. In the box. Probably where they’ll stay. Not for sale.

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