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40s-50s Kitchen Cart Restoration

22 Nov

We picked up this old 40s kitchen cart a week or so ago. Started stripping 50 years of paint and rust and it’s turned into more of a job than I thought….Ugh, still a lot more work to do before it can be repainted.

Antique Wooden Press

17 Nov

Found this old wooden press the other day. It’s in good shape and very interesting, but we still haven’t been able to figure out what it was actually used for. I’m fairly certain that it’s missing a top plank, which would slide onto the threaded dowels to form the press when tightened down. Either way, it’s going to be stained and sealed and will make an interesting end table or conversation piece if nothing else.

Vintage Lamp

17 Nov


Here’s another vintage lamp offered up for sale. Vintage 60s-70s, we’d estimate. Heavy dark blue ceramic base with giraffe carving. Hand decorated beaded lamp shade. $35.

Vintage Oval Small Folding Coffee Table

16 Nov


Really cool 50s-60s oval coffee table. Distressed Antique Jade finish with white legs. Legs are hinged and latched to fold away for easy storage.

Antique Refurbished Medicine Cabinet

16 Nov


Finished bringing this thing back to life last night. Vintage small medicine cabinet in Robin’s Egg blue, ivory interior with one glass shelf. Original glass, door pull and mirror all in very good condition.

Look for it in the store very soon.

New Furniture Finds

15 Nov

We’ve been finding a lot of really cool pieces as of late. Some are unique finds and perfect as is, and some, well, need a little work. Here are a couple pieces we picked up this weekend, just as we found them.

Cool, super simple little medicine cabinet, has a glass shelf inside. The other is a 40s-50s era, metal kitchen cart. Under all this white paint and filth, we think will be a really neat piece. And believe it or not, there’s actually a glass door underneath all that paint.

For the Men Folk

9 Nov

Some cool vintage belt buckles we scored at a yard sale recently. 70s gas nozzle, super majestical – is that a word? wizard, and a really old Pabst Blue Ribbon buckle.


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